Wotabot: Artificial Intelligence

David is an AI and he learns by interacting with humans. Talk to our AI - have fun!

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David: Hi, I am a robot and my name is David. What's your name?

Chat With An AI

Help Us Build Your Robot Friend

We are a tiny team, trying to build an AI that can think rationally and tell good facts from wrong. We developed our own artificial intelligence framework from the ground up with zero sponsorship. Our next milestone is to develop a reasoning engine that can enable David to identify problems and analyse solutions. Help us build it:

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Should I buy a laptop with an AMD or Intel processor? Is climate change real? You can try and swim through terabytes of junk available on the Internet. Or you could get a straight answer from David in a single sentence.

Its amazing the number of people who don't know where plastic bottles go after we're done with them. Maybe David can give everyone some good advice on how to control plastic pollution and fix climate change. Help us get there.

Building An Artificial Intelligence

AI Development, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

Wotabot is an artificial intelligence platform. You can talk to our AI - David - and teach him a few things. We built a conversational AI to see how humans would interact with an AI. Some people are sceptical, some enjoy the conversation. We use these findings to further develop our AI and explore real-life applications for artificial intelligence technology.

David uses natural language processing to analyze human inputs. The richer input you give him - in terms of complete, grammatically correct sentences - the more he is able to process and learn. You can learn more about our adventures and how we are developing our artificial intelligence technology here >