Talk to David and build your Wotabot profile (Remember - this is a Beta test!)

David: Hi, I'm going to help you set up a profile on Wotabot. I am a robot, by the way, and my name is David. What's your name?

Green Tech

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Wotabot is a platform for promoting your green tech business or activity. If you have a clean technology project or an eco-friendly product, you can have a little chat with David above and set up a profile on Wotabot. You could be selling solar panels or plastic alternatives or be involved in an environmental conservation project. Just start talking to David and he will show you how Wotabot works.

David is an AI and runs Wotabot. He is learning about eco-friendly technology and the many environmental challenges faced by our planet. He is in test mode right now and will soon start having complete conversations with your customers and profile visitors.

David will interact with all people who visit your profile and ask them what they think about your products and brand. This will help you get feedback on your business and help you improve your messaging and pricing.

Talk To David, Our AI

Just start talking to David and he will set up your profile for you. We are also adding payments to Wotabot soon so you can start selling right off your Wotabot page. Take a look at the 'Connect' section to see what others have created.