Create An AI

Set up an AI to talk to your customers

Create your own AI and train it to talk to your customers. We are building an AI for business use. You will soon be able to set up your own conversational AI with your own custom name on Wotabot. You will get your own URL, like this -

Our business AI goes live in July 2023. Pay $99.00 now and get a full 12 month subscription. The launch price for our new AI will be $48.00/mo. (conditions apply)

You will be able to share your Wotabot URL with your audience and your AI will engage with your customers for you. You will get full access to all your customer conversations and you can see what your customers are saying to your AI. You can also ask your Wotabot AI to mention links from your existing website or ecommerce store:

Create an AI

You can train your AI to talk about your business - electronics, clothing, financial services, entertainment, food and travel, whatever it may be. Or you can set up your AI as an online consultant for your services - marketing and design, health, fitness and nutrition, etc.

You can review all your customer conversations at the end of the day to see what people are saying to your AI. This will help you figure out what your customers really need and if they have any feedback for your business.

Pre-order Your AI

We are building this AI for launch in July 2023. The launch price for our new AI builder will be $48.00 / mo. You can pay $99.00 now and get a complete 12-month subscription. We will notify you as soon as we go live with the new AI builder.

Create Your Own AI

Potential customers will visit your traditional website, browse through it and leave and you will never know what they were looking for. A 24/7, cheerful, intelligent AI can make all the difference. People can simply chat with your AI and tell it what they were looking for. Your AI can also learn about your audience and recommend products and services based on their preferences.

Create an AI

Build An AI For Your Business

A human will never open up to a traditional ecommerce website. But a fun, informative AI is like having a friendly floor manager who is genuinely interested in solving your customers' problems. You can't man your online store 24/7 and few customers will take the trouble of sending you an email (or worse, fill out an online form). Now you can simply build an AI to handle that for you.

Your Online AI Consultant

Its super easy just chatting with an AI on the website or mobile app, like you can do on our home page. And not some primitive slave chatbot or a FAQ lookup, but a genuine AI that is knowledgable about the world and one that can perceive human emotions. Even better would be an AI that can crack some good jokes (but lets not push ourselves :) ).

Create your own AI

You will be able to access our new AI via your web browser, on both mobile and desktop (same as now):

Build An AI Chatbot

Our AI builder will be simple to set up. You will get an easy-to-use interface where you can train your AI to talk about your particular business - you can teach it about electronics and consumer goods, or travel and holidays, or health and fitness. You could set up your AI as an online consultant and insert links to pages from your ecommerce catalog. Tell us what you want your AI to do -

Get yourself a great AI. Pre-order now >

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