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Create an AI for business or just for fun. You can train your AI with your own data to answer questions about your company and engage with your customers. Or you can simply create a fun AI that you can share with your friends. Here is a demo: >

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You can set up a basic AI like the one below within 15 minutes.

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Create an AI for your business

You can create a free chatbot to talk about your business, about your favorite recreational activity, or even about a school project. You will get a URL like this - - that you can share with your friends and customers.

You could create an AI for your startup. Or build an AI that talks about health and fitness. Or maybe you just want to create a Star Wars geek! You can use our platform to create an AI for free with a custom name.

Potential customers will visit your traditional website, browse through it and leave and you will never know what they were looking for. A 24/7, cheerful, intelligent AI can make all the difference. People can simply chat with your AI and tell it what they were looking for. Your AI can also learn about your audience and recommend products and services based on their preferences.

Build An AI Chatbot For Customer Service

You can upgrade your free chatbot and get full access to all your customer conversations. Then you can see what your customers are saying to your chatbot. You can also ask your AI to promote products and pages from your website (like David is doing right now).

Create A Chatbot For Your Business

You can also upgrade your free account to create a professional AI for your website:

Build an AI for your website

Build An AI For Your Website

Get your website to the next level - get an AI to run your online operations for you. We can install an AI chatbot on your website and train it to answer questions about your products and services. If you have a website with a large volume of traffic, serving customers can be an expensive affair - simple install a custom version of our AI on your site to engage with your audience and capture online leads.

How To Train Your AI

You can train your AI about your business and your products ('We can design a new office building for you.' / 'Our XYZ gadget can print high-resolution banners.') and ask questions ('Can I have your email address please?').

You can also give your AI a basic human-like character - does it like animals and nature, business and finance, sports? You can give it preferences ('I like ice cream.' / 'I want to climb Mt Everest.' / 'I need a holiday.') and make it more business-like ('I can connect you with one of our managers.').

Start building your AI. Its free! >>

You can set up a basic AI within 15 minutes

Conversational AI For Business

Our conversational AI makes it possible for you to generate online leads without blowing a hole in your marketing and sales budget. Our business chatbot is programmed to interact with your customers, engage them around your products and services and ask them for contact details at the correct point in the conversation.

You just need to train your conversational AI with a little bit of data about your company. You get a URL you can share around easily. Your customers don't have to sign up or register. They just land up on your Wotabot AI ( and start chatting.

Automate Customer Service With AI

Our business AI is responsible for asking your customers for their contact details and any other feedback around your products. Just log in at the end of the day (better still, the next morning) to see what your customers are saying and what kind of help they need. Your customer conversations will help you tweak your AI and address their problems better.

Chatbot Software

Our chatbot software is easy to use. No installation required - just sign up and start using. Our AI software has been designed for business users, with a zero learning curve. Just enter some data about your business or activity and our chatbot crafts its own conversations.

Our natural language processor (NLP) enables a powerful generative AI and has been developed at our own artificial intelligence laboratory. Wotabot is all home-grown AI software, with no third-party libraries whatsoever. We have developed a large language model that is easy to reprogram, leaving you time that is better spent on running your business.

And this LLM is growing every day - our recreational users feed it data everyday and simultaneously have a good time tinkering with an AI. Business and recreational users get a deep learning algorithm with an easy-to-use front-end that anyone can start using in minutes.

Learn How To Build An Artificial Intelligence

Our AI platform is great for educational institutions and students who want to learn more about building and programming their own AIs. Its great, programming an AI on the fly and seeing it learn and evolve from a basic NLP tool into an advanced, knowledgeable AI.

Learn how to make an AI - our platform makes it easy to build your own conversational AI. You can create an AI and teach it about science and technology or history or music. Start your experiment with artificial intelligence now - its free!

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Take the first step - build a basic AI and share it with your audience to see how it all works:

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