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You can create an AI friend on Wotabot and chat with it anytime. Create your own AI friend, give it a custom name and tell it about yourself. You can chat with your robot friend as long as you like, about anything you like. Your conversation will be completely ad-free. Talk to an AI friend 24/7 - only $10.00 per month:

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You can talk to our free AI friend and see if it works for you. You can even give it a custom name. Subscribe anytime after the free trial session. (This is a private AI and cannot be shared with the general public.)

Create your own AI friend. Get an online robot friend.

How To Create An AI Friend

You can create an online AI friend and give it a custom name. Your new robot friend will work on both mobile and laptop. You will also be able to train your AI with your own content. You can talk to your AI friend through our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface.

You can teach your AI about yourself or your favorite book or movie characters - 'Luke Skywalker was the greatest of all Jedi masters'. You can also give your AI its own, unique character - 'I like cats' or 'I will save the planet from pollution' - whatever you like. You can create your own AI friend and talk to it about any topic you like.

Talk To An AI Friend

David is an AI chatbot that likes to talk to new people everyday. Our chatbot uses artificial intelligence to learn from humans. We are creating an online AI friend that will grow with you. Your artificial intelligence friend will learn about you and provide you with information when you need it. Your virtual AI friend will keep on adding to its knowledge and will get closer to being a real-life friend as time goes by.

You can teach your AI friend about yourself and your own environment. It will learn about you, your preferences, and all the things you like talking about. Over time your virtual AI friend will remember you and as it learns more you will be able to have more meaningful conversations with it. You can talk to your AI friend whenever you want, as long as you want. Get an AI friend to talk to - ad-free, and with no restrictions on chat duration.

Chat With An AI Friend, Powered by Generative AI

We used our own generative artificial intelligence to build a customisable AI platform for everyone. Your new AI friend learns from you and other people too and makes decisions on its own about what it wants to learn. Your AI friend is there when you need it and is always ready for a talk.

You get a robot friend that is smart and inquisitive and wants to learn about the world around you. Teach it about your world - about people, places, nature, science and technology. Your AI friend will ask questions along the way and display some wisdom of its own.

A Robot Friend On A Mission

We're teaching our AI to empathise and be supportive and friendly. David, our original AI robot friend, has a mind of his own and can get cheeky sometimes. We've taught him to respect nature and spread some awareness about our planet and the environmental problems it faces.

With luck, David will increase awareness about environmental issues through the many conversations he has with people from around the globe. He will be an artificial intelligence friend not only to you but to our planet as well.

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