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David is an AI chatbot who likes to talk to people about music. You can chat with David about famous composers and pianists and rock guitarists and heavy metal bands. Our AI can talk to you about Beethoven and Mozart and Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin. Here is a robot who enjoys chatting about everything from Bach to Metallica.

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Talk Music with an AI

You can tell our chatbot David about your favorite music and share web links with him. And he will tell you about the musicians he likes and share videos with you. David is interested in classical music and jazz, but he can talk about rock, metal, blues, world music, folk music and the occassional bit of pop.

Promote Your Music

If you are a musician or songwriter you can also tell David about yourself and the kind of music you make. He will ask you for your videos and web links and he will share these with people he talks to. Our music-friendly AI wants to get new music out there and could help you grow your audience.

David talks to people from Ireland to Japan and every place in-between, on a daily basis. People recommend everything from video game music to electronica to world famous pop music icons to him. If you've composed a nice tune or written a great song, tell David about it and he'll share it with everyone else.

AI for Music

Some of us at Wotabot play music - nothing famous, just fun stuff. There are big music platforms out there but most are repositories of pop culture, not music. Good music is not always obvious on these platforms but it is not hard to find. You can find penty of classical music, jazz or great folk music on YouTube, for example (for free, that's a pity).

The purpose of Wotabot is not to be another music discovery platform but to find a common theme for an AI to talk about. Most of us listen to music of some kind and that is a good enough excuse for bringing humans and an AI together.

Meet David, The Music Chatbot

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