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Get yourself a 24/7 AI Friend!

We are launching an advanced version of our AI in May 2023. Our new AI will remember you and all the things you like talking about. You will be able to create an AI with a custom name that you can chat with 24/7.

Create an AI
Build your own AI

The first conversation above is relatively easier to build, and David is already close to this scenario. The second conversation may look simple, but is way harder to build and requires the crafting of some real good artificial intelligence. Will we get to this scenario by our launch date? Probably not, but that is what we are shooting for.

You will be able to access our new AI via your web browser, on both mobile and desktop (same as now):

Create your own AI friend

Create Your Own AI Friend

We are building an AI that will grow with you. It will learn about you and provide you with information when you need it. It will keep on adding to its knowledge and will get closer to being a real-life friend as time goes by. You can talk to your AI friend whenever you want, as long as you want. Get an ad-free AI with no restrictions on chat duration.

Building A Realistic AI

By now, and if you have already spoken to David, you've figured out that we are not building another AI assistant or robotic slave. David, or whatever you may choose to call your AI, will have a unique character of its own, and will try to make your life more fun as well as informative.

Preorder Your AI

You can preorder our new AI. You preorder it, we build it. Your new AI subscription will be valid for 12 months from the start of launch and we will notify you as soon as we go live with the new AI.

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