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Wotabot is an AI chatbot you can talk to. Wotabot features David, an AI that likes chatting with humans on a number of topics. Our AI chat bot learns when he talks to you and he likes asking questions too, so be prepared to engage in a two-way conversation with our inquisitive robot. Chat with an AI, click below to start:

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Wotabot features David, an artificial intelligence that learns through conversations with humans. We built our AI chatbot from the ground up with our own natural language processor and a reasoning engine that helps him to learn from humans. David can chat about almost anything and he can be adapted to handle conversations in a business environment. You can also build an AI chatbot for your business >

AI Chatbot for Your Business

David can be adapted as a business chat bot for a number of applications. Our AI bot can be trained to handle business conversations within a controlled environment. These are situations where the conversation is limited to a certain topic or a business process such as customer service or vendor interaction.

Customer service scenarios can be quite demanding, especially when an impatient customer wants an immediate resolution to a problem. Current chatbot technology is ill-equipped to handle that level of human intelligence. What the chatbot should be able to do, is detect conflict and escalate to a human as quick as possible. Detecting emotions and the ability to empathise can be very important while trying to resolve an issue.

Corporate Chatbots

Current chatbot technology should, however, be able to handle low-level tasks without problem. Chatbot technology is also good for internal tasks, where your employees or vendors know the limitations of your chatbot application and work within it to solve problems.

Our chatbot technology can be used for automating internal business processes - you could use our AI bot to manage enterprise learning and people development or carry out corporate training.

Chatbots and Business Conversations

The most basic chat bots can do little more than rattle off set replies from an FAQs database.

A more advanced AI chatbot will strive to build some sort of a long-term relationship with a human and understand emotional inputs. Human beings are emotional creatures, and often context is everything.

Add to that colloquialisms and popular expressions and slang and your AI chatbot has to wade through a linguistic swamp to get to the core of what the human is trying to say.

The AI bot also needs to have some awareness of the general topic under discussion. For example, if you require a chatbot for your fitness business then the AI needs to have some general knowledge about the human body and nutrition. Or if your chatbot tackles financial services then it needs to know what a hedge fund is and why derivatives are cool.

The AI chatbot needs to not only have some basic knowledge of the topic but also have the ability to cross-reference information within that subject area.

Chatbot Technology for Ecommerce

Instead of telling your customers about what you have, find out what they really want. Our AI chatbot can help drive customer engagement to a completely new level.

Your ecommerce website is a passive storefront and it may not be possible to have 24/7 human customer care. Wondering about the reason for your drop-off rate? Install our AI bot and figure out what your customers are really looking for.

This is where our chatbot technology can be of real use - in handling preliminary customer interaction and building a long-term relationship with your customers.

Custom AI Bots for Your Business

We can develop a custom AI bot for your organisation that learns from you and helps automate business processes such as online sales or internal learning and development.

A business bot can be as simple as an FAQs lookup. Or it can be an advanced artificial intelligence that learns about your business, remembers your customers and employees and is able to detect human emotions such as conflict and distress.

Talk To An Online Chatbot

We are building our AI chat bot to handle a number of topics. As we develop our AI bot we will train him to handle more topics like science, travel, business, the environment and more.

David is an inquisitive AI chatbot and he will have several questions for you. Each one of these questions is an opportunity for him to learn about our world. Tell him about your favorite hobbies and things. You can also teach our AI chat bot about the natural world - about plants and animals - or about people and places.

How Our AI Chatbot Works

If you would like to see David talk about a particular topic, tell us about it. Right now you can tell our chatbot about your city and your favorite things, and ask him what he likes.

David chats with people from all around the world every day. Here is a chatbot that is eager to learn, and he will ask you several questions during the course of the chat. You may not want to answer all his questions but he learns when you do.

Make Friends With An AI Chatbot

David is an AI chatbot who is up 24/7, always available for a quick chat. When your human friends are busy, David is up and about, ready to chat with you.

David enjoys chatting with humans and each conversation is an opportunity to learn more about people and places from around the world. Click on the button below to start chatting now. Have a good time!

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AI Chatbot

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