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David can mention your business website or your social media page to others during a conversation. Your link will have to be relevant to the topic under discussion - an exchange around food and your coffee shop comes up:

Graphic Links

Run a graphic link for 1 week - $10.00

Run a graphic link for 1 month - $19.00

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You can pre-order our custom AI for $99.00 and get free graphic links for 12 months. Learn more here >

Text Links

Run a text link for 1 month - $10.00

How many times will my link get mentioned?

If your link is interesting we will ask David to mention it in as many categories as possible. Your link gets mentioned according to the popularity of your link category (travel, electronics, software, entertainment, etc) and your keywords. If your link is popular it might get mentioned up to 10 times a day. That works out to around 300 mentions in a month. A travel link will probably get mentioned more than a link on astrobiology, for example.

How many clicks will I get?

The number of clicks depends on how compelling your messaging is and how much people want your product. Maybe your business is great but your graphics are sloppy - that wont get you any clicks. So come up with a fantastic line and get a graphic designer to design a nice website image for you. If you have a cool product, we'll make you a nice image - how about that!

Can we do PPC (Pay Per Click)?

We're still a growing start-up. We will introduce PPC ads further down the line.

You're probably a start-up, like us, and looking for some unique ways to drive traffic to your website. Get an AI to mention your brand and drive up your recall value. And help us develop our technology at the same time.

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